The different real estate services that NC Homeownership Center provides are successful because of the partnership driven approach the company takes in its interaction with its clients. Its success is directly related to the success of its clients and MPI has produced a successful track record for the following services provided below 

Lease to Own Program

For years, we have been known for its lease to own program. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of its clients become responsible homeowners through the lease to own program. Click Here for more information.

Homeownership Program

Our Homeownership Program is the basis by which the company helps its clients overcome their prior credit and financial problems to accomplish their goals of responsible homeownership. Click Here for more information.

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Customized Home Search Program

For those qualified clients enrolled in our Homeownership Program for at least 30 days, our company can work with them to find them a suitable lease to own home. Click Here for more information.


Are you looking to sell your home? Are you looking to net more out of the sale of your home? You can speak with a licensed realtor that can provide you with various options without the hassles. Click Here for more information.

Investors/Financially Qualified Individuals

Are you an investor, current Landlord or a financially qualified individual that would like to make predictable returns and have the security of real estate without the hassles? Click Here for more information.

Avoid Foreclosure

Are you currently in default of your mortgage or facing financial difficulties that can threaten your home? We can help you understand your available options. Click Here for more information.

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