Selling your home is an important financial decision. NC Homeownership Center works with sellers and when applicable their listing agents to maximize what they receive when they sell their home. We can show you how to significantly increase what you receive in the sale of their home while helping promote our vision of responsible homeownership to everyone.



For years, we have helped hundreds of individuals and families become responsible homeowners through our Homeownership Program and our Lease to Own Program. If you are a homeowner looking to sale your home or have a home that is currently listing, we would like to talk to you about what NC Homeownership Center can do for you and to feature your home for sale on our website. By allowing us to market your listing on our particular site you would be exposing your listing to a number of buyers who have been recently qualified for a mortgage or are within 120 days or less away from being officially qualified for a mortgage.

Your listing is similar to many of the homes that we have purchased and acquired over the years and sold to our own pipeline of buyers and we are quite positive that many of our current existing clients would be interested in seeing and possibly making an offer on your listing or home. We would also like to share with you how our Lease to Own Program could help you net thousands more in the sale of your home with more certainly and negligible hassles.

These buyers have participated in our company's Homeownership Program and as a result have positioned themselves to qualify for a home mortgage. One of the principals of the company is a licensed real estate agent and represents NC Homeownership Center clients as their Buyer's agent. For nearly a decade, we have sold hundreds of homes to these pipeline of buyers that we have helped to create. Through our Homeownership Program that emphasizes financial counseling, personal coaching and complimentary credit counseling, our company is able to turn qualified renters into responsible homeowners.

*We have a comprehensive FAQ questionnaire but below are a few of the common ones we initially receive when we ask to feature particular homes

Why should you allow us to feature your listing or your home?

Every homeowner looking to sale their home for true market price values legitimate options. Featuring your home will generate a lot of additional traffic towards your listing. Due to tremendous interest in our Homeownership Program, as of November 30, 2018 we have a pipeline of buyers of over 100 people/families. Approximately 30% of our currently pipeline have either qualified for a home mortgage or are 60 days or less from qualification so the likelihood of a full price offer is overwhelmingly assured for homes that we list as one of our featured properties. Our Homeownership Program is geared towards helping renters qualify for a home mortgage within 120 days or less so exposing your home on our website can identify your future buyer without the typical haggling that sellers experience when they market their home on the MLS or other means. In addition, due to our website's exposure through Google Search, MSN, Bing and Yahoo search engines, we get additional qualified buyers who contact us initially not even knowing that they are actually qualified for a mortgage. Getting additional free marketing for your listing or your home can only help you. We just want to feature your listing so we can increase our chances of submitting an acceptable offer for your listing/home. Also, with our Lease to own program, we can also share with you another option that you may not have ever considered but could net you thousands more in the sale of your home.

What's in it for us?

We have learned over the years that the more homes we market on our website the more qualified future buyers that we are able to identify. The more future buyers that we identify the more individuals we find for the lease to own homes that we acquire as a company. As real estate investors, we use our cash and those of our Capital Partners to purchase undervalued homes such as foreclosures, short sales and homes in need of repair. We acquire and renovate these homes and sell them for top market value through our lease to own program which has been profiled publicly on many occasions.

Also, as we mentioned earlier, one of the principals of our company is a licensed real estate agent and serves as the buyer's agent for those clients that we are unable to purchase or acquire homes for.

What information would we provide if you allow us to feature your home or listing?

For listing agents, we would ONLY feature the information that you currently have provided on the MLS. Plain and simple. The simple fact that it is being featured would be enough to generate a lot of interest among our pipeline of buyers and additional potential buyers who contact us on a regular basis.

Who would show the homes if one of our potential buyers is interested?

Only a licensed real estate agent would show the home. As we have referenced several times, one of our owners is a licensed real estate agent so we make sure that we comply with all rules and regulations provided by the North Carolina Realtors Association. We will take the same care as other buyers' agents have taken in showing your listing.

What happens if one of our pipeline of buyers is interested in making an offer on your listing or home?

If the buyer is one of the 30% of our current pipeline of buyers that has received their pre-qualification from the mortgage lender or is 60 days or less away from receiving their pre-approval letter, then the offer will be in the same manner in which you have received offers from other buyers' agents.

If one of our pipeline of buyers is deemed more than 60 days from receiving their pre-approval then depending on the situation with your home, we would present to you several options geared to helping you get your homes sold without the haggling. For those sellers that have a need for speed or don't want to deal with the hassles of paying their mortgage, we can entertain lease purchase options. If you entertain this option, the Tenant-Buyer would have to be in the home for 6 months before the official purchase of the home can take place. Keep in mind, NC Homeownership Center is one of the preeminent companies that executes and completes lease purchase contracts.

Why would you consider a lease to own arrangement?

Remember, our Homeownership Program helps renters become credit eligible for a home mortgage within 120 days or less so marketing your home with us will lead to exposure to your future buyer. This also means if we market your home and find a financially qualified buyer, you can rest assured that they will qualify for a mortgage for your home for your price within 120 days. However, for those sellers that may be paying two mortgages, relocating or just want to get your home occupied, the lease to own option is a great one.


In addition to our 90% success rate of completing such transactions within one year or less, a lease to own transaction, when done correctly maximizes the return on investment for the seller since you are selling the home for maximum value and your mortgage balance (if applicable) is reduced by someone else who is taking care of your home like it is their own.

Our typical policy if we have to pursue a lease to own arrangement or offer is to increase the sales price of the home by 5% to 15% of the current listing price. Since the seller is affording our buyer the opportunity to lease the home while they continue in our Homeownership Program in order to get qualified for the home, the buyer understands that there has to be a premium in pricing as a result. As long as the value of the home supports this increase, our pipeline of buyers understands this situation. A monthly payment is determined and final arrangements with the attorney are made.

Listing agents received half of their 2.5% or 3% commissions up front with the balance paid at the end of the transaction. Sellers receive a due diligence payment of 1% or $750, whichever is less, and the escrow agent holds the remaining balance of the down payment that our buyer must commit upon completion. Typically we require that the Tenant-Buyers make an Option Fee down payment of between 3.5% and 5% of the agreed upon sales price.

Below is an example of a recent transaction:

One of our buyers that was 4 months away from qualifying for a home saw a featured home in SE Greensboro listed for $159,000. After seeing the home on our featured listing page, the buyer asked if we would show them the home. We did and they absolutely loved the home. However, since they were 4 months away from qualifying for a home mortgage, we made an offer to the listing agent and the seller for a sales price of $169,900 and monthly payments of $1,250.00. Our buyer made their $5,950 Option Fee down payment with the listing agent receiving $2,550, the seller receiving $2,000 (which included the due diligence fee and the first month's rent), and the balance being held by the attorney. After making 6 months of payments on the home, the buyer was able to close on the home and the listing agent receiving the balance of her commissions, the buyer's agent (one of the owner's of NC Homeownership Center) received their 3% commission and the buyer was able to see accomplish their goal of responsible homeownership.

*The best business transactions are the ones where all parties benefit. Obviously, as a listing agent or seller, your goal is to sell your home for market value as quickly as possible. However, there are times when this may not be able to happen as you may have planned. Through our Homeownership Program and our ability to help create our own homeowners, we provide a valuable niche in the real estate market that serves listing agents, sellers, and prospective buyers creating a win-win for all parties involved.

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