When you are trying to sell your home, marketing is always the key. Maximizing what you get when you sell your home can be very difficult when your home doesn't have the proper exposure. At MPI, we have sold hundreds of homes for full market value because of the database of buyers that we have been able to create through our Homeownership Program. Through this amazing program, we are able to convert renters into responsible homeowners that purchase homes we market for full market value. The revenue that we generate are primarily from the commissions we earn as Buyer's Agents representing these buyers or through the profits generated when we sell our homes we purchase as investments to these homeowners that our company creates.

Over the years we have learned that the more homes we are able to promote on our website, the more revenue we are able to generate. This is why we want to provide your home with FREE exposure and why we feel that we can find one of our buyers willing to pay your price for your home. Please take the next few minutes to view our extremely brief video presentation about our motivations for wanting to help promote your home.

After you have had a chance to view our brief 3-4 minute video, take a look at several of the recent examples of homes that we have helped to sell for maximum value. We look forward to helping you promote your home AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU!

Recent Success Stories:
6 Ivy Ridge Court
1100 Maury Lane

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