• 1) Verificable Household Income of at least $24K annually

  • 2) No repossessions, foreclosures or evictions within the past 3 months

    3) Completion of our Online or Paper Application



*Our Homeownership Program is ONLY for individuals that are truly committed to accomplishing their goal of responsible homeownership. While we have a proven curriculum that entails credit restoration, financial counseling and coaching, the success of the Homeownership Program is dependent on the commitment of our clients. Since 2011, over 300 individuals and families have completed our Homeownership Program and the common theme is that they were extremely committed to the process.

If responsible homeownership is truly your ultimate goal and you are tired wasting your dollars renting then our Homeownership Program is for you.

Our Homeownership Program GUARANTEE is as follows:

*If you adhere to our rules and regulations, you can expect to become credit eligible for a home mortgage typically within 6 to 12 months. (There are occassions with severe credit issues where we extend this guarantee to 18 months);

*If you are able to adhere to our spending plan, you can expect to save at least 2 times of your monthly income within a 12 month period of time

*Your will be exposed to real estate professionals (Mortgage lenders, licensed real estate agents and others) that will be major resources to help you accomplish your homeownership goals.

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