For those individuals that are ready for homeownership but don't quite have the credit profile to qualify for a quality home mortgage, Our lease to own program is a great alternative. It is specifically geared for individuals tired of wasting their dollars renting. Let's meet to discuss the PROs and CONs of the lease to own process!


The primary mission of our lease to own program is to place future buyers into the homes that we acquire or market. Since creating our lease to own program, we have helped hundreds of individuals and families become responsible homeowners.

We strive to place qualified participants in our Homeownership Program in lease to homes that we market. Our lease to own program allows clients to live in their permanent home in exchange for an Option Fee down payment, typically ranging between 2% and 5% of the sales price of the home. By adhering to our lease to own curriculum a significant portion of

your rental payment can be credited to you as a rental credit.

During your lease term, our company, with the support and guidance of our mortgage lender partners, work with you to help improve your credit and financial profile.

NC Homeownership Center strives to acquire 3 to 4 lease to own homes each month to market to our Homeownership Program clients. However, over 80% of the homes that we acquire are never marketed publicly since they are acquired for the benefit of our clients in our Customized Home Search Program.

Ideal clients for our lease to own program are people that are ready for the responsibility of homeownership, have income stability, have at least 2 years of solid rental history and can adhere to our financial curriculum that has been successful for hundreds of the responsible homeowners that we have helped to create. 

To learn more about our lease to own program, complete our homeownership survey, schedule your FREE Homeownership consultation TODAY, and get a listing of potential lease to own homes!

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