Our target client is an individual that is truly tired of renting and is looking for guidance to get into position to purchase their own home. We specialize in lease to own homes as well as helping renters improve their credit and financial profiles in order to qualify for a home. With a number of down payment assistance programs available, there are many ways in which renters today can become homeowners. We just choose to invest our time with committed individuals willing to follow our curriculum in order to become responsible homeowners. Through a carefully crafted Homeownership Program, we get results. For those clients that truly demonstrate their commitment, we are able to help them identify potential homes for lease to own that we can either acquire for them or have licensed real estate professionals manage the process of their behalf.

Here are some surprising facts that most renters don't realize:
FACT #1: The average rent in Guilford County, NC for a 3 bedroom home or apartment is $1,062 per month and increasing. Over 5 years, this equates to over $63K in monies wasted. Over 10 years, that is an amazing $127,440 in monies spent on a home or an apartment that you will never own. You can't afford to wait any longer to improve your credit and financial situation. If you wait it will cost you!
FACT #2: According to various studies, homeownership benefit children because the environments in homes - including such things as safety and stability - are on average better than those in rental units. The sense of ownership also resonates with children and creates stability that is good for children's development. (Studies were done by Ohio State University for the US Department of Labor)
FACT #3: Owning a home is one of the best ways and most effective ways to build long-term wealth, providing both equity accumulation and tax benefits over time.
If you meet our criteria, enrolling in our Homeownership Program will allow you to become credit eligible for a home mortgage within 120 days or less. Schedule an appointment with one of our representatives after your home search by  clicking here  and get in your home much sooner than you can ever imagine!
Where do you want your monies to go over the next 5 years?


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