Our Homeownership Program is the basis of everything that NC Homeownership does. The Program consists of 3 Processes: 1) Financial Counseling; 2) Personal Coaching and 3) Credit Counseling.


We make a difference by helping individuals with damaged credit and previous financial issues achieve their goal of responsible homeownership. We have always wanted to make a difference through direct consultation and coaching with people. Our homeownership program is strictly geared towards helping individuals get to the next level by helping them achieve responsible homeownership. Every solid community needs solid homeowners and this is our overall objective. THE MAIN GOAL OF OUR HOMEOWNERSHIP PROGRAM IS TO HELP IMPROVE YOUR CREDIT AND FINANCIAL PROFILE in order to help you qualify for an attractive mortgage!

Our Homeownership Program entails the following:

In addition to online access to your status and progress

through our exclusive customer portal (Click Here to see an example), you will get: 


In today's credit market, individuals looking to get a solid 30 year fixed mortgage must possess a solid credit profile. Our homeownership program really concentrates on improving our client's credit profile and most importantly, helping our clients understand the importance of maintaining a clean credit profile. We help our clients understand that bad credit can cost families hundreds of thousands of dollars during the working years when compared with individuals that use credit responsibly.


Perhaps the most valuable part of our homeownership program is our financial and debt counseling.  It is here where our clients learn to budget effectively and save for potential emergencies that can face all of us.  While our program is very rigid and demanding, this is the area where most of our clients see the greatest fruits of their labor. You will meet with one of our homeownership counselors to help you design a spending plan that will allow you to save money and help build and maintain an legitimate emergency and personal fund!


One of the greatest things about being an American is the fact that we live in a country where we really can do anything that we want to if we demonstrate work ethic, humility and integrity.  We want you to live your dream and our personal coaching is designed to let our clients know that they have the ability to live their dreams.  With the proper focus, planning, integrity and work ethic, anything is possible.  You must believe in yourself.

In the final analysis, I am looking to change lives and I have been very fortunate to do so for many individuals in my home preparation program. I am looking to individuals like you that can see the benefit in what I, and other trusted real estate professionals are doing in the community and we are asking for your help.

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