*Over the years we have learned that one of the biggest issues that most people face when dealing with limited housing options due to lack of savings or damaged credit is not knowing where to start to change their situation. This is why being able to have an expert review your credit profile and your financial situation can help you on the right path to responsible homeownership and beyond. When beginning a relationship with any potential client, it is important to see where they currently stand from a credit and financial perspective. Whether you have made the decision to work with us we do provide anyone with an opportunity to learn where they stand. If you would like to have your game plan, we ask that you do the following:

  • Complete Your Authorization Form - Click Here to Download Your Authorization form. This Authorization Form will allow us to review your current tri-merge credit scores along with the income information that you provide and share with you the major reasons for your score and steps that you can take immediately to improve your credit scores. Since you will be dealing with a licensed Realtor who will be working on your behalf there is also a Working with Real Estate Agents disclosure for your review. (This service is FREE if you schedule a Face to Face Consultation with one of our representatives. If you would prefer to receive your game plan without meeting with our representative that is fine as well. The cost for your Game Plan will be $75)

  • Get Your Credit Analysis and your Game PlanIf we are able to review your credit, verify your income and get an idea of how you spend money through our budget preparation form, we are able to provide you with a game plan and timetable for qualifying for a mortgage. If you are eligible for our Fast-Track Homeownership Program which will help you become credit eligible for a home mortgage within 120 days or less you will be notified either when you schedule a Face to Face Consultation with one of our representatives or when you receive your game plan.

Our Homeownership Program

  1. Get Financial Counseling
  2. Coaching
  3. Complimentary Credit Restoration
Our primary goal is to convert 500 renters into homeowners every year. We have a proven track record of performance and best of all, our Preferred Realtors and Mortgage Lenders only earn revenue when you are able to purchase your home.
All of our clients are assigned a licensed Realtor and a mortgage lender to help them every step of the way. If you are willing to follow our curriculum and you meet our minimum criteria, we will work with you until you qualify for a home mortgage. If you are ready to get started, please follow these guidelines and let's get started:
1) If you haven't done so already, complete your Authorization Form. If you are trying to purchase a home with a co-applicant, please make sure they complete the form as well. You can access this form by downloading the link for the form provided above (If you would like us to send you this form for your E-signature please email your request to info@owninthetriad.com).
2) Complete your budget preparation form if you would like your official game plan and timetable for mortgage qualification. Please make sure that you view the video first before completing your budget form. Click here to access your budget preparation form.
3) Please fax us (336-232-1668) a copy of your most recent paystub (for all people looking to qualify for a home mortgage). 
4) Once you complete your authorization form, your budget form, and have provided us with a copy of your utility bill, we can create your game plan. To get a copy of your game plan you can either schedule a face to face consultation and get your game plan presented to you for free or elect to pay the fee of $75 and we will email you your game plan analysis complete with your credit analysis.
Let's get started TODAY and join the thousands of renters that we have helped become homeowners for over a decade!

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