As a real estate company, our main business is centered around the acquisition and sale of quality real estate. Our Customized Home Search Program is geared towards identifying and acquiring such homes for our clients.



For individuals with damaged credit, options are very limited in the housing market. For many, renting a home or apartment may appear to be the only real available option. However, wasting dollars simply renting without an end in sight has become very frustrating to people that understand that their money is simply being thrown away each month. Lease to own programs and homes have become very popular for individuals that no longer want to waste their money renting. We have been one of the leaders in providing lease to own home in the Piedmont-Triad area.

While there are a number of companies that provide lease to own homes, many individuals feel that sometimes they must settle for a home that they normally wouldn't select because of their damaged credit profile. Now, what if you could choose your own home from looking at the currently inventory that is currently being listed for sale on the open market? Despite your damaged credit, what if you could potentially get access to all the homes that fit your specifications in the areas that you want? What if a company was willing to attempt to acquire the home you select and allow you to live in the home and help you qualify for a mortgage for that particular home? 

Well, believe it or not, the days of settling for a home or settling for just renting a home may be over for you. For clients enrolled in our Homeownership Program who have shown the ability to adhere to our curriculum and have the financial qualifications, our company can work to acquire homes for individuals that demonstrate the sincere desire for responsible homeownership. For those individuals willing to participate in our Homeownership Program and follow our carefully crafted curriculum, we are willing to search for homes fitting your criteria and will work to acquire a home for you that you will eventually purchase once we help you restore your credit and financial profile. Just as a personal trainer helps individuals achieve their fitness and health goals, our Homeownership Program helps individuals acheive their homeownership goals. Our Homeownership Program which entails in-house credit couseling, financial counseling and coaching, helps the local community by creating responsible homeowners.

To qualify for our Customized Home Search Program, you must:

  1. Complete our Customized Home Search Form below

  2. You must be able to show a clean 1 year or more rental history (If you are currently living with friends or family in order to save money, we will just need a written explanation of your living arrangements)

  3. You must be able to show proof of a suitable down payment/Option Fee for a home that we would look to acquire for you (If you do not have a down payment/Option Fee at this time, you may still complete the form as we have other options available to you)

  4. Must have stable employment

  5. Qualify for the price range of the home you select based on your current debt to income ratio (damaged credit will not hurt your ability to qualify)

  6. Must be able to meet with one of our home counselors

Since our company works to acquire homes directly for our clients that meets the above criteria, we want serious inquiries ONLY! We understand that most people if given a choice would prefer to own their home than rent their home. However, we are looking for the individuals that are willing to do something about their situation today. We are extremely flexible and our main goal is to simply to create responsible homeowners. As a company we earn our revenue by selling quality homes so in order to achieve our goals we must help you achieve yours! It is a great partnership but it only works with serious-minded people that desire to get to the next level. Homeownership, when done responsibly, is one the most important financial foundations that an individual(s) will achieve in their lifetime. Our job is to make it happen for you!

Depending on your current credit and financial profile, the time-frame for qualifying for a quality mortgage for those that meet our criteria and enroll in our Homeownership Program is typically 120 days or less. If your current circumstances do not allow you to qualify for a home mortgage within this time-frame and you meet the criteria listed above the Customized Home Search Program may work best for you. Once again, we are not looking for renters. We are looking for future buyers. If you desire to be a future buyer and we don't have a home among our featured listings that meets your family's requirements, then complete click here to review FAQs about our Customized Home Search program and complete our Customized Home Search Form below and let's see if we can find a home that does.


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