For years, as a real estate investment company, management at NC Homeownership Center have provided real estate solutions to sellers, buyers, renters and other real estate professionals. Whether you are looking for a beautiful home to rent or buy or a homeowner looking to sell your property quickly, we have the solution for you. Through its relationships with realtors, investors and lenders, NC Homeownership Center has the expertise, resources and quality homes to handle most any situation. For years, we have been the answer for many residents of the Piedmont Triad, NC area by acting decisively, fairly, and immediately. We understands that you, as either the tenant, buyer or the seller is our customer and our only goal is to serve you.


Our mission is to be the preeminent real estate solution for buyers, sellers and renters by being direct, honest and swift in our dealings with individuals and families of diverse backgrounds, means and circumstances.

We always strive to do what we say we can do and we will provide all possible solutions that we are aware of to provide a win-win situation for all our clients that confide in us. We will be profitable by helping our clients achieve greater financial success and finally, we will always use facts to tell the story as we create a successful track record of testimonials and examples of our commitment to the people of the Piedmont-Triad, NC region.


For individuals with damaged credit, options are limited. Such individuals have to settle for renting homes or apartments. Moreover, many individuals in an effort to improve their credit score are told incorrect things that can cost them a lot of money and possibly even lowering their scores and adding to their frustration.


We have helped hundreds of people just like you accomplish the goal of making that change from renters to responsible homeowners. We have helped clients make this change legitimately and we have the track record to prove it to you.

Since our goal is to create responsible homeowners, we do our best to identify individuals that are truly ready to make a change in their lifestyle. Since responsible homeownership has been shown to be a way for Americans to build long-term wealth, it requires a certain mindset that only committed individuals are willing to make. We want to put our energies helping these committed individuals achieve their goal.

The average time frame to help individuals enrolled in our Homeownership Program qualify for a home mortgage is typically 4 to 12 months. Our Homeownership Program requires a commitment to our financial and savings process as well as strategies that have been proven to increase credit scores, reduce debt and improve clients' overall financial profile. 


The majority of the homes that may be listed on our website are homes that are available for sale or lease to own. Individuals enrolled in our Homeownership Program that have been provided with a mortgage pre-qualification letter or are 30 days from receiving their pre-qualification letter are eligible to contact our offices to have one of our preferred realtors show them the home. For those that are interested in any of these homes that are not enrolled in our Homeownership Program, a FREE Homeownership Consultation with one of our counselors is required so that we can review income and credit eligibility. 

Even if you feel that you are not credit eligible for one of these Homes for Sale, we encourage you to schedule your FREE consultation with us as we can help you identify quick things that you may be able to do to qualify for any of the homes that you may be interested in. 

At NC Homeownership Center, we will NEVER turn anyone away who is committed to achieving responsible homeownership.


Some of the homes that we market are available through our LEASE-TO-OWN program. Through our second-to-none Homeownership Program, NC Homeownerchip has established an exceptional LEASE-TO-OWN program that allows future homeowners to avoid the pitfalls that many new homeowners face in purchasing their new homes. Our homeownership program helps to better qualify our Tenant-Buyers to get quality mortgages through a 3-step program. Our credit analysis, financial/debt counseling and personal coaching are services that all Tenant-Buyers receive to ensure that you have all the resources necessary to successfully experience responsible homeownership. Click here to find out more information about our wonderful homeownership program!


One of the major reasons why our future homeowners look to purchase a home is because of the fact that a home is an investment. However, in today's marketplace, many sellers are not realizing the type of investment that they should. Our goal is to find out what your true desire is in the sale of your home and exceed that desire. NC Homeownership Center helps turn the sale of your home into a true investment and more importantly put more money in your pocket.

NC Homeownership Center is able to match qualified future homebuyers with sellers in a relationship that benefits all parties involved. If you are in the market to sell your home quickly and get a legitimate full market value proposal in 7 days or less, just provide us with more information about your home and we will act immediately.


Foreclosures have terrible ramifications for both the homeowner and the surrounding neighborhood. The worst thing that someone that is behind in their payments or facing foreclosure can do is to wait and hope for a miracle. For years, we have helped homeowners in such a situation go over their options and help to avoid foreclosure by being direct and open. Whether you are looking to remain in your home or would like us to help keep you from an impeding foreclosure, MPI can help just as we have helped many others just like you avoid foreclosure for years.  Don't let a foreclosure stop you for the next decade.  Click here to let us help you today!


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