To be considered for any one of our homes, you must provide MPI with 1) a copy of a current paystub for all applicants; 2) a most recent bank statement for all applicants; and 3) a Driver’s license and social security card for all applicants.  After completing the application below, you will hear from one of our representative within 48 hours. You can fax the material listed above to our confidential fax line at 336-217-8799.  Thank you.

If you prefer to submit a paper application, CLICK HERE! You may complete the application and fax to 336-217-8799.


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PLEASE COMPLETE ALL RELEVANT QUESTIONS AND ALL REQUIRED FIELDS! (You will not be able submit this application if all required field are not completed)
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How many people will be living in the home with you?  
Have you or the co-applicant ever owned a home before?  *
If yes, explain your previous homeownership experience below.

Which home(s) are you interesting in? (Please use 'Ctrl' to select multiple homes) If you are not in position to move within the next 90 to 120 days, you may still submit an application. However, please click here now to read about MPI's Home Preparation Program and if interested, please select MPI's Home Preparation Program (You do not need to complete this application and the application for MPI's Home Preparation Program. Either one is acceptable).

Applicant's present employer  *
How long at the job?    Gross Mo. Income (before deductions)  
Previous Employer (if less than 1 year on current job)  
How long at the job?    Gross Mo. Income (before deductions)  
Did you (applicant) file tax returns for the last 2 years?    
Which of the following do you receive from your employer?  
Spouse/Co-Applicant's employer  
How long at the job?    Gross Mo. Income (before deductions)  
Previous Employer (if less than 1 year on current job)  
How long at the job?    Gross Mo. Income (before deductions)  
Did co-applicant file tax returns for the last 2 years?    
Which of the following does the co-applicant receive from their employer?  
Other sources of income  
Total Annual Household Income  *
Do you or the co-applicant have an active checking account?  *

If "no," please explain what is preventing you from having or obtaining an active checking account.
Have you or the co-applicant been unemployed at any time within the past 3 years?  *
If you answered "yes" to the previous question, please explain the circumstances below.

Monthly Liability/Debt Section (Please include debts that you and your co-applicant have that are in good standing and show up on your credit report(s). Do not include accounts that have been charged off or accounts that will be paid in full in less than 12 months.)

How many credit cards in good standing do you and your co-applicant (if any) have?    

Total monthly payments of all credit cards  

What is the total monthly payment for all of your and your co-applicant's installment loans (student loans, vehicle loans, personal or bank loans, or other loans that show up on your personal credit)?  

What is the monthly total for all other liabilities? (Include child support, alimony, tax payments, or any other debts in this section)  

Household Budget Section (Please answer this section honestly as it
will help us with designing a curriculum that best suits you and your family)

What is your total monthly household take-home income? (Only include income from paychecks of everyone in your household, court-ordered child support, and interest income)  *

Based on your household income and your expenses, how much money can you commit to saving for yourself and your family each month? (It is important to be very realistic because we are looking to help you achieve your realistic goals)

If you are relocating to the Triad, NC area, please complete the following:

New Employer  
Job Title  
Projected Annual Income  

Credit Profile Section - The following section deals with your current credit profile and your current and past rental history. Please answer honestly as it will allow us to help define what homeownership curriculum will be best for you.

How would you describe your credit?   Excellent    Good    Fair    Poor  

Which of the following best describes your current credit situation?  Please answer honestly as this will help us determine the curriculum that will be best suited for you.

If "other", please describe your credit situation over the past 12 months.

Excluding medical collections, what do you estimate to be the total amount of collections, judgments and amount of charged-off accounts that may reflect on your credit report?
Have you or the co-applicant ever had a foreclosure?    If yes, how long ago?  
Have you or the co-applicant ever had an auto repossession?    If yes, how long ago?  
Have you or the co-applicants ever had a Bankruptcy?  
If yes, was it a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13?  
If yes, how long ago was your bankruptcy discharged?  

Present Landlord or mortgage co.  
Telephone (home)    Telephone (work)  
Monthly Amount of rent currently paid  
When does your current lease expire? (If month to month, please indicate that)  
Within the last 5 years, have you ever been taken to court or been evicted from a home or apartment for failure to pay, not paying on time or any other reason? (Please answer this question honestly. We want complete transparency. We also run a judgment search on all clients to confirm your answer to this question. Answering "yes" does not disqualify you from consideration.)
If you answered "yes," what were the circumstances that caused court action against you. (Please use this opportunity to explain to us the unfortunate circumstances that led to such action by your Landlord. Keep in mind, MPI is all about second opportunities. We just want to get your viewpoint on this situation in your own words.)
Have you or your co-applicant (if applicable) ever been evicted before?  *

Asset Section - This section deals with the current savings you may have and your ability to save in the future.  Keep in mind, you may qualify for full down payment assistance depending on your application and if you are a first-time homebuyer.

If credit were not an issue and you qualified for a quality FHA mortgage today, would you be able to access the required 3.5% down payment of the sales price of the home you are interested in?

Which of the following best describes the total amount of money that you currently have saved or accumulated in your asset accounts? (Please include monies in your checking, savings, CDs, mutual funds, or stock accounts. Please include amounts in your 401-K.  While we do not require large upfront deposits for our homes, for the purpose of future loan qualification, we will need to verify your assets so please answer honestly.)

How much down payment are you able to put down TODAY on this home if approved?  (To reserve a home, you must be able to submit a down payment that we feel is acceptable to us. Your monthly payment will be determined by this down payment and the quality of your overall application. If you do not have a down payment for a home, don't despair, we urge that you consider our Homeownership Program, which will begin the process of preparing you for homeownership. If this describes you, then just call our offices at 336-852-1532 and schedule your free homeownership consultation)

If you selected less than the 3.5% Down Payment that FHA currently requires and/or less than the down payment specified for the home then we recommend that you submit you must a budget for your application to have greater consideration. We will also want to know how you planning on making up the difference in the FHA required down payment for the home. Our goal is to be flexible for our clients. However, we also want to make sure that we are putting all residence in the position to succeed, not fail.

*If you have Microsoft Excel, Click Here for a Fill-in Form of our Budget
*If you do not have Microsoft Excel, Click Here for a Printed Copy of our Budget

Please continue with your application and complete the budget afterwards and fax back to our confidential fax at 336-217-8799.  Thank you.

How much are you able to put down today towards your next home TODAY if we approve you TODAY?

Source of Down Payment (Highlight all that apply)

Do you currently invest in a 401-K account or a savings account provided to you by your employer or you?  
If you and/or the co-applicant have a 401-K account, approximately how much do you currently have in the account(s)?

Do you currently have a budget that you and your household use to help manage the money that comes in and out of your household?  

Are you willing to participate in our free financial and personal coaching?  
If one of our homes is perfect for you and your family, how quickly can you move?  *

REFERENCES: (Character is the most important criteria MPI uses in qualifying our applicants. Please use the following to list 3 professional references of individuals that can attest to your character.  Please do not include family members or close friends.  We are looking for work colleagues, church members, work superiors, or others that can provide details into your character, work ethic and stability)

Reference #1:    Day Phone Number  
How does this reference know you?  
Reference #2:    Day Phone Number  
How does this reference know you?  
Reference #3:    Day Phone Number  
How does this reference know you?  

Tell us why you feel you are ready to own a home?  (Use the following text box to explain to us why we should believe that you are ready for homeownership.  Our company believes in helping people achieve the goal of responsible homeownership but it will requires your dedication and cooperation.  We do not care about past mistakes, we are just concerned about your commitment to follow our Homeownership curriculum)


By clicking submit below, the applicant and/or co-applicant is declaring that all statements made in this application are true and complete. Applicant and/or co-applicant also acknowledges that MPI and its partners may verify all of the information in this application and obtain any reports necessary to verify accuracy of supplied information above.

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